Think Space Berlin

How do I become a member at Think Space?

Send us a message or simply give us a call so that we can arrange an appointment to get to know one another in the office. We will show you the space in detail and you can decide whether you would like to stay for your free trial day or make another appointment for a trial.

Can I make phone calls or hold video meetings at Think Space?

As the name implies, Think Space is a quiet office. At least it is our objective to run it as such. There are booths for making and receiving calls. We ask everyone who makes occasional phone calls to use these booths. Think Space is therefore unsuitable for people who need to be on the phone or be in calls for the better part of the day.

Is there an office manager?

There is no office manager. Benjamin is responsible for the space and although he is usually available, he cannot always be in the office. We therefore ask you to bring along a sense of responsibility.

Is the office cleaned on a regular basis?

Yes, Think Space is cleaned on Wednesday afternoons between 5 and 6 pm. Please take this into account and make way for the cleaning staff during this time while they clean your workspace and office chair.

Is there a contract to sign?

We don't have complicated contracts. The monthly invoice is all we need as a contract. The invoice is sent automatically by e-mail on the 1st of each month. You have 7 days to pay it, or you can set up a standing order to make it easier for you.

Can I skip a month?

You are renting a fixed desk from us and plan not to come for a calendar month due to a project elsewhere or holiday and would like to skip a payment? You are welcome to do so, but your desk and mobile container must be cleared and it is not guaranteed that your desk will still be available when you return.

What else is there to consider?

The more members we have, the more demands we try to fulfil. We want EVERYONE to feel comfortable in the office and enjoy coming to work at Think Space. With common sense, respect and courtesy, this can certainly be achieved. So if you can bring these three qualities along, then you too will feel at home at our office.

Are there pets at Think Space?

Yes, there is Laika. She is a Lagotto (Spanish water dog) and is happy to meet people, she is peaceful and occasionally gets pats from coworkers. She does not shed hair, which means that she is a dog that does not cause problems for people with allergies.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept other pets in the office.